Fake Doctors Note Tricks and Tactics

A great site I have always used is: gravitycentredallas.com.

How many of you are overworked and underpaid? You need a getaway vacation or need to just sit at home and do nothing? We have all been there and done that. Worried about the funny look’s that your boss gives you when you call in work and show up the next day? Well, worry no longer with fake dr excuse note. Let’s face it – not getting enough rest IS a medical reason to not go to work some days.What do you do if you have already taken off too many days from work and you have some friends going to the coast the day or days you are scheduled to work? Do you go in to work making your measly paycheck while your friends go out there and have a great time or do you take advantage of the Fake Doctors Note and let your employer know that you aren’t showing up to work because if anything possibly happens – you are doing them a favor NOT showing up because you are extremely contagious… as far as they know anyways.The samples provided on the site are excellent and look like the real thing! No need to go to a real dr. and fake your symptoms or shell out the pricey doctor visit to get a form to be out of school or work. After all sometimes fun and relaxation are the best medication you can take and in the long run become a better, more efficient employee. I don’t need to give you the reasons why, you already know.There are sites out there that offer free ones or friends that can do it that look as if they could be legitimate, BUT be cautious with that – if they aren’t written on a form that looks legitimate that may cause your employer or boss to investigate and that could make the potential situation worse. However, there is a specific site I know that does charge a small fee but the notes look more realistic than the actual notes provided from my real doctor! Look at the examples on the sites and find out what works best for you.So with all that in mind remember that the best recipe to staying healthy is rest and relaxation and sometimes the fake doctors note is the only one that has that can give you that prescription without having to make any excuses!